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much needed update!

i am so very behind in updates!! it has been a very busy month for us!
shakti's birthday was on the 4th of april, it was an absolutely PERFECT day! i couldn't have asked for anything more! we shared the day with friends and family at little stacy park. we had a pink theme and lots of yummy food!

we ended up making her an applesauce dessert with applesauce and graham crackers. i didn't want to give her anything too heavy as she isn't that interested in solids yet. she didn't make too big of a mess either which i of course was hoping she would :p

my mom was in town the week of shakti's birthday which was a huge help! i always love when my mama is here to help out with shakti <3 i wish that she lived closer!

a few days after my mom left my friend leah from michigan came to visit. it was really good to see leah but i do think that it was a little overwhelming having 2 straight weeks of company. not just for me, but for shakti too. by the end of leahs visit shakti had just had enough i think. everything frustrated her and she was very moody...now that we are back into the swing of our routine she is doing much better thankfully.

while leah was here we went to krause springs which was absolutely GORGEOUS.

shakti with her friends Toshiro, Bazil and Digby :D

also this past week, i am very sad to report that we lost our beloved kitty, Oceania. she is just flat out gone, i have no idea where she is. she disappeared last saturday. a few days later the maintanence man said he saw her in a crawl space underneath the office...aaron crawled in there but couldn't see her so we set a trap outside there. we have caught several cats but none of them were oceania. i am so insanely devistated. we are thinking she may have been ran off by a resident stray or something. i honestly don't know though. she was more than just a kitty to us, we truly truly loved her and its so heartbreaking. so please pray for us that our kitty has a safe return home to us.

our family just loves going to the town lake park, where they have the fountains i believe i have posted photos of the fountains before. its always so much fun to take shakti to run around in the water.



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Apr. 21st, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
She is just so beautiful...

Happy belated, little Shakti!! <333

You're such a good momma!!!
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