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the last couple of weekends our family has gone to two different festivals in arkansas. the first one was in Fayetteville Arkansas. Aaron played with his band InitString and then he did a solo show with Artificial Life Preserver. we had such a good time!! shakti is such a good camper, its unbelievable! i guess it is good we started taking her camping so young. she is a real trooper!

then the following weekend (this past weekend) we went back up to Eureka Springs Arkansas for a festival called Coalessence. wow i seriously had no idea how beautiful arkansas was!! the land is just absolutely beautiful. i had never seen anything like it!! the festival was a ton of fun. both weekends our friends Eamon and Michelle came with their daughter Anya who is 10 months old. there were a bunch of kids at Coalessence. i mean a BUNCH.
shakti did really well both on the ride there and back...i was so proud of her. 12 hours in the car is a long time for an adult let alone a baby! but she was a real sport. we colored pictures and read books, watched movies etc. and she was just perfectly content.

here are a couple photos from this past weekend...

she borrowed this hat from little Anya. she actually kept it on for a looong time i was really impressed!! hehe.

side view of the hat ;p

yayyy toessss. hehe. shakti playing with her piggies on the ride home from coalessence :D


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Dec. 17th, 2008 12:45 am (UTC)
I LOVE the hat!! haha
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