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December 15th, 2008


wow almost 2 months since i have updated!!
i have been so insanely busy i haven't really had time to blog.

shakti has started singing her ABC's.
she says ABCD H 9 10 11 Q M N O P Y Z
hahaha it cracks me up! she just added the "10, 11" today. but i'd say thats pretty good for a 20 month old!! hehe.

she is definitely saying sentences now....3 or more words at a time. she blows me away with how smart she is. she knows more signs (as in sign language) than i can even count. she knows just as many signs as she knows wordrs if not more... she loves to draw and make music. i really can't get over what an amazing little girl she is.

we are still breastfeeding and that is going well.
at about 18 months we hit a rough patch...she was teething and wanted to nurse all night long and i was getting so exhausted i had considered weaning her! i am so thankful that i stuck with it because it of course passed and we are now settled back into our normal routine. breastfeeding is definitely good for reconnecting after busy days.

aaron is doing really well. he is working a very hard. i am definitely very proud of him. he has had a lot of gigs with his band lately too which is definitely great!! i know how important his music is to him so i am very thankful he is able to share it with the world. he has a gig in new york coming up this next summer that he is really looking forward to!!

i am doing really well too!
i am still working for Family Connections. i really love working for them, they are so amazing and i get to do a lot of the work from home so that is really a huge plus!

i also got a new job a few months ago. i am working as a breastfeeding peer counselor for WIC.. i am seriously LOVING this job. i wake up excited every morning to go to work. i want to talk about breastfeeding all day every day hehe so i am very thankful that i have found a job that pays me to do just that!! i get to do one on one counseling sessions with pregnant moms and moms that are having trouble breastfeeding as well as teach breastfeeding classes. its like a dream job for me! i am hoping to be able to sit for my exam to be a board certified lactation consultant in july of 2010 (the deadline for signing up for next years exam in July 2009 is in January so i will not have enough creditable hours yet..but next year i will!). so yay!
then at the end of January (the 23rd thru the 25th) i am taking a birth doula training.
if you are interested you can read about that by clicking here. i am so thankful for all of these doors and opportunities that are opening up for me!
i really care about womens health in general (pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, well care etc.) and so i am really excited to explore all areas of that and encourage and guide women to more natural, gentle ways to care for themselves and their babies.

so all in all things are going really well here for us.

here are a few photos of the babe since i have been slackin' on the photo updates as well.

sucha a big girl brushing her teeth hehe. <3

esther, shakti and aaron on Esthers birthday!!